• Replicates natural habitat of Amazon black water
  • Contains natural extracts that convert tap water to black water
  • AZOO PLUS’s Triple Black Water replicates the natural habitat of Amazon black water, making it ideal for discus, South American cichlids, and other fish who thrive in acidic water. The improved formula is three times more concentrated than before and contains natural extracts including: humic acids, tannin, trace elements, vitamins, acids, fulvic acids, peat and almond leaves.
  • Triple Black Water instantly converts tap water to “black water” effectively reducing stress and enhancing fish coloration. It inhibits the growth of pathogens and significantly strengthens the immune system against diseases.  This product also effectively improves breeding and hatching rates in discus and cichlids.
  • Dosage: Shake well before use and add to the aquarium water at the filter outlet. Add 10mL per 100 liters of water weekly or after a water change. One full cap is 20 mL; the inner cap is equal to 5 mL.

Triple Black Water

SKU: BE202009009