• This 3 Tank Kit is designed to safely house and display up to three Betta fish.
  • This betta kit is designed with a modern bow-front shape a secure lid, and removable, opaque dividers to prevent aggression and fin flare.
  • This has a powered LED lamp, making it ideal as a Desktop Aquarium or small home aquarium.
  • This mini tank is made from high quality acrylic material and is transparent.
  • This is most suitable for fighting fish or betta fishes. It has a drainage hole at the bottom of the tank for easy water change.
  • The top cover of this Betta tank has LED lights for great viewing during night. It is a multipurpose tank. It has two separated board inside, can divide the tank into three parts to keep small betta fishes. You also can remove the separator into a big fish tank. It can be also be used for culturing or breeding the fish, or separating from the sick fishes, protecting the fishes or its babies.This pack includes 3 small plants, these can absorb the light in day and has beautiful noctilucent effect at night when the lights are turned on.
  • Holds approx 2.5 litres of water
  • Size: 11 42 x 3.94 X 5.91 inches (Lx W xH )
  • Material:Plastic

3 Tank Kit (with lights)

SKU: BE202009003