How do I pay for my order? (What should I do after checking out?)

Once the customer has checked out through the website, payment shall be sent WITHIN 24 HOURS through any of the channels indicated in the order confirmation e-mail.
Customer should message the Squad immediately if the order confirmation message has not been received within the next 2 hours after placing the order.
One last step - the customer must send the DIGITAL PROOF OF PAYMENT to the Squad (via e-mail or FB/IG message) so we can proceed with the shipping process.

Is shipping cost included in the price list?

No, the price list indicated in each product does not include the shipping fee yet. Shipping process shall commence once the order has been placed - dependent on which delivery mode the customer prefers. The cost shall be shouldered by the customer.

Where are your products from?

All bettas are directly supplied by breeders in Thailand and Indonesia, unless otherwise stated. All tanks, equipment, and supplies are sourced from local suppliers. All live fish food are cultured locally by the Squad themselves.

My fish (or item) is dead (or damaged) upon arrival. What should I do?

The customer is obligated to send photo/s and video/s of the actual package received, WITHIN 12 HOURS. Depending on the investigation, we shall take actions accordingly. Please also refer to the Squad's Terms & Conditions for the complete details and steps to take.

I did not get a confirmation email after I checked out. What should I do?

Please contact the Squad immediately to confirm if the order has been placed. There is a chance that you may be asked to place your order again through the site.

What happens if I fail to send my payment within 24 hours after checking out?

The Squad will have to cancel your order to make them available for other hobbyists.